Dr. Alaa Sheta

Dr. Alaa Sheta

Internal Medicine & Hyperbaric Medicine
Specialist Undersea and Hyperbaric Oxygen Medicine - Visiting
Internal Medicine & Hyperbaric Medicine
English, Arabic
25 years

Core Competencies

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in all medical specialties
  • Diving accident treatment
  • Diving Medicine
  • Dolphin Therapy for Autistic Children
  • Advanced Scuba Diver
  • Submarine medicine

Brief Profile

Dr. Alaa Sheta has a vast understanding and a deep experience of 25 years in internal medicine and emergency medicine. He has dedicated his career to saving lives by practicing internal medicine, diving medicine and catering to diving accidents. He is an expert scuba diver with various certifications in his name, which help him aptly in doing his duties successfully.

He is an expert in and has taken formal training (across Egypt & USA) for hyperbaric chamber operations, hyperbaric treatment & diving salvaging, major incident medical management, basic & advanced life support, submarine medicine, and practical operation & safety regulations.

He is a professionally certified trainer for hyperbaric decompression chambers and regularly trains doctors, nurses and technicians on it.


  • Bachelor of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Egypt, 1987
  • Master’s Degree, Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Egypt, 1994
  • Master’s Degree, Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine, 2006
  • Hyperbaric Chamber Operating Course
  • Hyperbaric Treatment & Diving, Diving & Salvage Center, USA
  • Major Incident Medical Management, Basic & Advanced Life Support, Egypt
  • Diploma of Submarine Medicine Course, USA
  • Practical Operation & Safety Regulation Course of Haux Hyperbaric Chambers

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