Dr. Daryoush Ahmadiazad

Dr. Daryoush Ahmadiazad

Specialist Ophthalmology
Consultant Ophthalmology - Visiting
Specialist Ophthalmology
English, Hungarian, Farsi (Persian), Arabic, Urdu
20 years

Core Competencies

  • Neonatal and pediatric ophthalmology (strabismus; treatment of lazy eye, vision problems, lacrimal duct obstruction, etc.)
  • Cataract surgery (phaco)
  • Medical retina : intravitreal injections lucentis/eyelea and retinal laser photocoagulation for diabetic retinopathy; macular degeneration; ROP and other vascular diseases of retina.
  • Glaucoma: medical and surgical treatment of glaucoma and examination of optic nerve lesions.
  • Eyelid cosmetic surgery (blepharoplasty, entropion, ectropion,xanthelasma)
  • evaluation of corneal diseases
  • Pterygium surgery with graft
  • Treatment of dry eye,Infections and inflammations ( uveitis ) of the eyes.
  • Refractive error ( myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia)

Brief Profile

  • Dr. Daryoush Ahmadiazad is a consultant ophthalmologist with more than 20 years of experience in the field of ophthalmology.
  • He has performed more than 5000 of different kind of ophthalmic surgeries during his medical practice.
  • He graduated from university medical school of Debrecen, Hungary in 1997 and received degree of doctorate in medicine. (M.D.)
  • Dr. Daryoush is holding two internationally recognized ophthalmology specialist certificates:
  • Semmelweis University of Budapest,Hungary (1998-2002).
  • Isfahan University of Medical Science,Iran (2003-2006).
  • He was upgraded to assistant professor during his career as consultant ophthalmologist in Elizabeth teaching hospital of Sopron,Hungary in 2012.
  • He undertook his training in paediatric ophthalmology in Semmelweis University of Budapest and received the certificate as a specialist in paediatric ophthalmology.
  • Dr. Daryoush has worked in Hungary ,Iran and UAE, and he is an expert in surgical and medical cases both for adult and children.


  • Doctorate of medicine (M.D.)
  • Double ophthalmology board certified (2002 Budapest, Hungary & 2006 Isfahan, Iran).
  • Certificate of specialist in Pediatric ophthalmology, Semmelweis university of Budapest, Hungary.

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