Dr. Laith Alshar

Dr. Laith Alshar

Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine
Specialist Dermatology - Clinical & Aesthetics
Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine
German, Arabic, English

Core Competencies

  • Diagnosis & management of various dermatological diseases
  • Dermato-surgical procedures including simple excisions, local flap repairs such as advancement, rotational, transposition and subcutaneous pedicle flaps, full-thickness skin grafts and other surgical procedures
  • Laser treatments: Laser hair removal laser, Pulsed Dye laser, Nd:Yag, Alexandrite laser, Picosecond laser, QS laser, Thulium laser, Fraxel 1150 nm laser and ablative lasers, including fractional CO2 and erbium YAG lasers as well as standard erbium YAG laser
  • Rejuvenation procedures (ablative and non-ablative), chemical, crystal and diamond dermabrasion peel
  • Injectables: Botulinum toxin injection, Filler injections for face, hand aesthetics
  • Mesotherapy for various indications
  • Collagen induction therapy (RF micro needling) for acne scars, hypertrophic and depressed scars and various other medical and cosmetic indications

Brief Profile

Dr. Laith Alshar is a German Board-certified Dermatologist with subspecialty training in Allergy.  He has extensive knowledge and experience in the management of various dermatological diseases as well as aesthetic medicine.  He has worked as a Consultant Dermatologist in Hannover, Germany prior to moving to Dubai. He performs various simple and complex dermato-surgical procedures.  In addition, he has extensive experience in laser treatments by the use of various laser types. Dr. Alshar participates regularly in teaching undergraduate medical students in his field of expertise.


  • MBBS, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan, 2012
  • ACLS Certification, Norderney-Germany, 2018
  • Aesthetic Dermatology Certification, Köln-Germany, 2018
  • German Board Certification (Facharzt) in Dermatology, 2021
  • Subspecialty Training in Allergy, Germany (2022)

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