Consultant Gyno-oncologist successfully removes 54 fibroids

Consultant Gyno-oncologist successfully removes 54 fibroids

Ms. Racheal, A Nigerian National, visited Dr. Khaled Kouteich, Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology at Fakeeh University Hospital, Dubai Silicon Oasis with an uncommon health condition, an excessive number of fibroids in her uterus. (54 confirmed after surgery)

Ms. Racheal flew to Dubai to consult with Dr. Khaled to find a solution for her long-standing health condition. Experiencing symptoms of bleeding and anaemia, which were affecting her daily life.

Fibroids are a rather common condition seen in women from African ethnicity. There is no specific reason for the cause of this condition, it is most likely genetic, and their occurrence cannot be prevented.

In this specific case, the condition was most likely genetic. Ms Racheal had visited many other healthcare facilities and Doctors previously, however, she was always recommended removal of uterus as the only solution, ruling out the possibility of bearing a child in the future.

Dr. Khaled, upon thorough evaluation of her case, condition and keeping in mind her request of not removing the uterus, advised to perform a Myomectomy. Myomectomy is the most common treatment modality for the condition. However, in this case, the risks involved in removal of such many fibroids were that the patient could experience bleeding during the surgery, which would ultimately result in removal of uterus since excessive bleeding poses a life risk to the patient.

The surgery was performed successfully, and Ms. Racheal got her condition resolved without removal of uterus, which was her major concern with other hospitals. Additionally, the surgery resolved her symptoms which in turn improved her quality of life. Ms. Racheal left the hospital within 2/3 days post-surgery and flew back home happily a week after.

Ms. Racheal is healthy and doing well now.  Extremely happy with the treatment offered at Fakeeh University Hospital, Racheal said “A Doctor like Dr. Khaled Kouteich is rare and exceptional. I thank him for saving my life”. She was very appreciative of the facilities and services at Fakeeh University Hospital and plans on bringing her family members to the hospital in the future, for their healthcare requirements.