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Welcome to Fakeeh University Hospital

As we step into our new role to serve the city of Dubai, I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone visiting us.

Fakeeh Care, a Jeddah-based group established in 1978, comes with a legacy of more than four decades. An extension of us is our prized project – Fakeeh University Hospital.

It is our first venture outside Saudi Arabia, and we have left no stone unturned to bring the best to you. For ensuring that every healthcare need of yours is met, we have created the hospital in a sprawling 1 million square feet area with 350 beds.

We are proud to bring to you the legacy that the group carries, a legacy of quality healthcare, something that has become an everyday norm for us. To deliver this quality, the hospital is enriched with a carefully-chosen clinical team, which drives excellence in healthcare. This excellence paves the way for superior patient outcomes that have always been the focus of our group. With Fakeeh University Hospital, we have the chance to transfer the same focus to Dubai as well.

We are here not only with the finest healthcare systems, but have also arrived with a vision to continuously improve. The Medical University attached with the hospital is a step towards achieving this improvement. We believe that learning and education should never halt, and thus forms one of our prime focus areas.

For achieving all of our desired goals, the hospital is fashioned as a ‘smart’ hospital. Which simply means that we are quicker, better, more efficient, and have enhanced recovery protocols for faster healing. All of this, by the latest technologies on our side.

To make sure our presence in Dubai remains ‘smart’ and an asset for you and your city, we have planned the hospital as a 100% green building structure.

Our team is here to care for you, to assist you, to bring you solutions for every single healthcare problem you may have.

We hope that we are able to keep raising the bar that we have set for you.

Thanking you
Dr. Mazen Fakeeh
Fakeeh University Hospital