Fakeeh Care Academy, or FCA, is now the umbrella entity overseeing Medical Education through Residency Programs, Clinical Fellowships, Nursing, and Clinical Pharmacy Education. Additionally, FCA manages Allied Health Education.

FCA is dedicated to going beyond traditional education, fostering continuous learning through various platforms to provide Clinical Training, Continuous Professional Development, Executive Education, Healthcare Management Education, CME Activities, Life Support Training, Patient & Community Education, and Research.

Undergraduate Education
Internship Programs
Return to Practice Program
Residency Program
Continuous Medical Education (CME)
Life Support Training Center
AHCE-FUH Conference
Patient Education / FUH Life


To become an institute widely known and commended for continuous and exceptional education and development of clinical and non-clinical staff, visitors of the hospital and the community of the UAE.

The Fakeeh Care Academy will

  • Identify educational needs of healthcare professionals and non-clinical staff
  • Act as a source of continuous knowledge development and learning
  • oversees clinical exposure for students and trainees
  • Coordinates education for patients, family and the community


To provide a platform for quality, evidence based, and affordable education to FUH staff as well as external candidates in order to:

  • Raise the quality standards of clinical practices and promote excellence in the delivery of healthcare services.
  • Achieve continuous professional growth.
  • Encourage curiosity and scientific research.
  • Improve patient satisfaction and safety
  • Expand organizational capabilities.


  • Raising the bar! Without continuous development and education of FUH staff we cannot optimizing healthcare services, practices, and outcomes.
  • Raising the bar, by not only educate healthcare professionals and with a focus of raising awareness in the community.