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The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Fakeeh University Hospital is a highly specialised area in our hospital which provide 24-hour care for critically ill patients suffering from life threatening medical and surgical conditions. The Department is staffed with highly qualified and trained consultants and specialists and equipped with highly advanced equipment. Its offers state of art facility to provide care for Medical, Surgical, perioperative, Trauma and cardiac patients and as a referral centre for complicated cases.

VIP Patient Room

The Multidisciplinary team includes critical care doctors, physicians, nurses, physical/occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, Dietician, speech therapists and other allied health staff. Supported by the latest medical technology and equipment, our coordinated ICU team of experienced critical care doctors, qualified nurses work closely with other specialities in a timely manner to ensure the best possible care for the patients ensuring a comprehensive approach to each individual patient. When needed the care is also extended beyond the hospital, and into the homes of critically ill patients.

The Intensive care unit at Fakeeh University hospital has a total of 16 operational Adult ICU and Paediatric ICU beds which cares for a broad range of life-threatening illnesses including severe infections, organ failure like liver, kidney or respiratory failure and treat and monitor patients after complex surgeries.