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Occupational Health Screenings (OHS) are necessary to determine the ability of employees to perform their duties. It is important for staff members to carry out a health check, either before beginning a new role or getting back to work after a long time off.

What is OHS?​

An occupational health screening refers to health checks needed by a worker. It’s used to reduce and prevent work-related injuries.

Most times, the screening can determine if an employee is well-suited for a task. For instance, job responsibilities that involve physical abilities such as heavy lifting, will need such screening.

These screenings can also detect pre-existing conditions, which can make a worker more susceptible to the effects of dangerous substances or other risks. An employee may require health screenings at different stages. Generally, these checks are necessary for the following purposes:

  • Establish that employees can meet the physical needs of the job before an assignment
  • Monitor the health status of workers periodically when the job exposes them to health hazards
  • Know if employees can return to work after a long absence
  • Determine the conditions under which workers with illnesses, injuries, or disabilities can keep on working

Fakeeh International (FI) provides a range of top-quality solutions for clients operating in hostile environments or coming from high-risk industries. Blending its trademark “training/auditing/consultancy program” with its unrivaled remote medical support capabilities, FI indulges its clientele with perfect safety records in their operations.

Our employees who have been exposed to occupational health hazards like toxins or other substances, can receive medical examinations to manage lasting health effects. Regular health screenings of employees can reveal the existence of health hazards in the workplace and allow employers to make changes to improve their safety.

You can conduct health screenings after an assignment involving hazards that might cause future health risks. With their vast expertise, FI ensures the health and safety of your on-site projects by providing the services mentioned below.

Remote medical support​

For organizations that conduct business in hostile environments or high-risk industries, occupational hazards, and ensuing medical emergencies are a reality that can become immensely costly – financially, psychologically, and physically – if left unattended.

Often, such organizations are physically distant from advanced medical facilities and treatment options, which increase the fatality rate of even simpler cases.

FI has a comprehensive set of remote medical support services such as Medical Personnel Employment, Medical Evacuation, Medical Equipment, Medical Clinic, which aim to provide faster access to enhanced medical treatment in cases of occupational health emergencies while keeping costs to a minimum.

OHS Consultancy and Training​

This is particularly important for organizations that operate in high-risk industries or hostile environments, such as the Energy and Construction industries. Our consultancy and training programs in corporate adopt a pre-emptive approach, seeking to raise awareness and prevent any medical and occupational hazards before they occur.

Upon request, our special team of experts visit the organization/worksite, make on-the-spot observations, analyze the organization and staff profile, combine it with its track-proven methodologies and in-depth experience, and create tailor made reports for clients.

Aside from a consultation report for management, FI can augment the initial findings with a unique training program for all staff members that are at risk. Designed as per the specific health and safety needs of the organization, the training is provided on the spot with practical implementations.

Apart from training courses, which include essential information regarding maintaining occupational health and safety, FI personnel can also train personnel to provide emergency medical support. Equipped with the highest health and safety standards, the company ensures that clients keep their workplace and workforce safe, healthy, boosted with morale and productivity.

Crisis Management​

FI’s medical expertise, logistic capabilities, know-how in crisis management, and proven reliable decision-making makes it the ideal partner that ensures clients’ medical, occupational, and operational protection and well-being, and speedy recovery from crisis.

The ever-changing business landscape and tougher working conditions for companies venturing into new opportunities inevitably increase risk. Crisis tends to become more frequent. However, more risks shouldn’t necessarily translate to bowing down before a crisis.

With an effective and established crisis management plan, you can save lives, substantially decrease the impact and likelihood of risks, resume operational activity quicker, and maintain your reputation. Help is on the way, thanks to FI’s specialized risk-assessment and management team including medical experts, operational specialists, and risk analysts.

Employee Assistance Program​

Through the “FI Employee Assistance Program,” FI aims to bridge the imbalance between professional and personal lives of today’s stressed employees. And promoting a highly efficient and peaceful business environment for both employees and employers.

The 21st Century society has taken manufacturing and service sectors to unprecedented levels. Although employees attempt to keep their professional and personal lives separate, it is increasingly difficult to prevent interactions.

Everybody is dealing with responsibilities in life and the workplace in his/her ways. The tension that arises from trying to balance these two different spheres, negatively affects the efficiency of each person. Complaints concerning ‘harmony and communication’ and ‘stress and depression’ in the workplace have dramatically increased.

At FI Employee Assistance Program, we focus on the professional sphere. The program consists of a set of services for individuals and institutions. The goal is to improve the work performance of employees through determining their problems, providing them with solutions, and increasing their satisfaction and productivity in the workplace.

You may contact FI and request face-to-face, over-the-phone, or e-mail assistance. If required, your identity can be kept anonymous.