Our Emiratization Vision

To be the leading hospital for Emiratization amongst all hospitals in Dubai.

Our Emiratization vision is supported by three pillars:

  • Providing a learning ground for Emirati employees to acquire skills.
  • Being their employability and employment partner by providing them with opportunities for professional development and growth.
  • Creating a more sustainable, competitive and prosperous environment for all Emiratis.

Partnership with DP World’s Tumoohi Program

Connecting with Young Emirati Talent with DP World’s Tumoohi Initiative

Our partnership with Tumoohi enables us to:

  • Connect with career-oriented and driven individuals
  • Commit to short-term work experiences before longer-term agreements
  • Access skilled and affordable talent
  • Provide Emirati talent with hands-on experience, develop further skills that are market ready and have future value
  • Help build and strengthen ties with the Emirati community and culture.



'NAFIS' is a federal program to increase the competitiveness of Emirati human resources and empower them to occupy jobs in the private sector. Launched as part of 'Projects of the 50', the program aims to accelerate the UAE’s development journey and boost the economy.

The job offers program provides a unified job posting platform which connects Emiratis with available opportunities at Fakeeh University Hospital and other private companies.