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A travel plan uninterrupted. Rapid recovery with Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery

A travel plan uninterrupted. Rapid recovery with Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery

A successful chest wall reconstruction at Fakeeh University Hospital led Ms. Kim (name changed for confidentiality purposes) to travel and spend the summer at home. Having experienced a harrowing experience a few weeks before her travel plans, with immense relief, she shared,"The pain I endured was unbearable, making even the simplest tasks impossible. The surgery turned out to be life-changing for me. Within a day, I Felt like a huge burden lifted off my chest, quite literally. I could finally breathe, move, and be myself again. The overall experience I received at Fakeeh University Hospital was definitely the finest.

48-year-old Kim suffered multiple rib fractures after a fatal fall on the ground while playing with her son. She Rushed to Fakeeh University Hospital’s Emergency Department (ED) with excruciating pain. Breathing had become a struggle for her. She was unable to perform even essential functions like moving, coughing, or lying down due to the intense pain. Immediate assessment in the ED led to pain management and determining the presence of displaced ribs & fractures.

Further evaluation by Specialist General And Thoracic Surgeon, Fakeeh University Hospital, Dr. Elkin Cabrera, revealed the presence of multiple broken and displaced ribs, associated to contusion (bruises)on the underlying lung. The broken bones were compressing the intercostal nerves in her chest, causing her extreme distress, shortness of breath and pain. 

Kim underwent a minimally invasive chest wall reconstruction to realign and fix the displaced ribs, further relieving nerve compression. Remarkably, within a day after the surgery, Kim was able to breathe without discomfort. Her recovery progressed rapidly, and within two days post-surgery, her pain was minimal enough to discontinue heavy pain medication.

Dr. Elkin Cabrera, who led the surgery,commented, "Kim’s condition was critical due to the compression of nerves caused by the displaced ribs and pulmonary contusion (bruising) associated. The Minimally invasive surgery approach allowed for the correction of fractures through one small incision. It also assisted in effectively relieving pressure off the nerves, avoiding complications such as pneumonia and chronic pain. Witnessingher rapid recovery and seeing her regain her quality of life reaffirms the importance of personalized, precise surgical interventions."

Kim’s journey from debilitating pain to regaining her ability to function normally in just a few days showcases the positive impact of modern medical techniques'. Her story underscores the significance of prompt, precise and accurate diagnosis, followed by appropriate treatment tailored to the patient's needs.