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CHIEF commercial OFFICER

Iftakhar Asfi is the Chief Strategy Officer of Fakeeh University Hospital in Dubai, UAE.

As a healthcare professional, he brings with him more than 11 years of experience in healthcare management, acquired through his leadership roles across various distinguished healthcare platforms. Adding to his portfolio, he is skilled in strategic and operational governance, overseeing multiple areas for the sustainable and quality driven growth of the company.

Iftakhar holds an MBA degree from the Alliance University, Bangalore and has earned his Bachelor of Law from Aligarh Muslim University, India. Since then, he has remained employed in the healthcare sector. During his career in healthcare over a decade, he has successfully executed many projects in different institutions including start-ups as well as well-established organizations.

As a CSO, he is responsible for working closely with the CEO and the senior leadership team to set a direction towards achieving the company’s growth and long-term vision. His core competencies include devising and executing the strategies to maximize the business, optimize the cost and enhance the efficiency with proper utilization of the resources without compromising the quality of care and service delivery.