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World Patient Safety Day 2023- “Elevate the Voice of Patients”

World Patient Safety Day 2023- “Elevate the Voice of Patients”

Fakeeh University Hospital Illuminates on World Patient SafetyDay.

On15th September 2023, employees of Fakeeh University Hospital (FUH)united in a powerful show of support for patient safety marking their participation in World Patient Safety Day, celebrated annually on September 17th.

This year's theme revolves around "Engaging patients for patient safety”and the slogan “Elevate the voice of patients!" This special day is designed to inspire active participation from various stakeholders, such as patients, families, policymakers, healthcare administrators, health care professionals, and patient advocacy groups to work together towards co-creating health care policies and safety interventions that truly reflect the needs and preferences of patients, ultimately enhancing healthcare safety globally.

Fakeeh University Hospital enthusiastically embraced the call by hosting various activities, including patient awareness sessions and a patient coffee morning to address general safety concerns in the UAE, as a symbol of their unwavering commitment to safer healthcare. During the event, members of the Quality andNursing teams actively communicated with the patients soliciting their feedback regarding the quality of care provided at FUH.

The"Wear Orange for Patient Safety" initiative recognized annually on 17September by the World Health Organization (WHO), represents a global call for solidarity and concerted action by all countries and international partners to improve patient safety. Together with our accredited organizations, JointCommission International (JCI) believes we all play a role in helping achieve a shared vision that all people always experience the safest, highest quality, best-value health care across all settings. In show of solidarity with the WHO, Fakeeh University Hospital’s building also lit up in orange.

By participating in this global movement, employees of Fakeeh Care Group of hospitals and ambulatory care centres across KSA and UAE demonstrated their dedication to preventing harm and promoting best practices in healthcare.

Dr. Mohaymen Abdelghany, Chief Executive Officer, Fakeeh University Hospital Dubai & Vice President Fakeeh Care UAE, expressed appreciation for the enthusiastic participation of the employees. He said "Patient safety is a fundamental responsibility for us at Fakeeh University Hospital. Our participation in activities on WorldPatient Safety Day reflect our dedication to promoting a culture of safety throughout our organisation. Through the programs we undertook, our objective is illuminating safety as an integral part of healthcare, whilst educating healthcare providers and the broader community including patients. We are thankful for the trust our patients have bestowed upon us and we will continue to offer the highest standards of care in a safe and healing environment.Together we hope to build a foundation where safety is a collective responsibility encompassing all stakeholders."

The event's success underscores Fakeeh University Hospital’s ongoing commitment to patient safety and its dedication to fostering a culture of continuous improvement in healthcare practices.

World Patient Safety Day 2023 'Elevate the Voice of Patients'