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Sathyadevi Pandikrishnan

Physiotherapy Manager
Physiotherapy Manager


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy from India and awarded with IBMT Award, MV-ZI Medal for academic and clinic excellence in arenas of orthopedics, neurological and cardiorespiratory physiotherapy.
  • Master of Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal Biomechanics) with academic excellence for performance in musculoskeletal studies
  • Certification done in Mulligan’s Manual Therapy (Spine and Peripheral joints) – NAGS, SNAGS, MWMs from UK


19 years of experience in the field of Physiotherapy. Has held challenging and responsible position in reputed hospitals in India, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Dubai.


  • Biomechanical Assessment of Musculoskeletal system
  • Spinal and Peripheral Joint Mobilization and Manipulation – Spine and joint dysfunction
  • Soft tissue manipulation and exercise physiology designing exercise training specific program
  • Dry needling / Mindfulness training
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Hand injuries

Innovative professional specialized in assessment and  evidence based management of musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiorespiratory, pediatric disorders, sports injuries and ergonomic advice in diverse health care arenas. Expert in treating chronic and acute conditions such as osteo-arthritis, disk herniation/degeneration, scoliosis, laminectomies, fusions, whiplash injuries, muscle imbalance and weak core as well as non-specific low back pain conditions, chronic pain, other orthopedic and sports injuries. Clinical experience also focuses on medical, surgical, trauma, ICU, pulmonary rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation, and post-operative orthopedic and neuro rehabilitation.

Had led the role of Team leader of Physiotherapy in various quality projects of JCIA – Clinical care program certification for:

  • Post Rehabilitation of shoulder rotator cuff and knee ACL repair
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation

Research Project

Research Project Done with Tekscan Health Technologies, USA – Designed Equipment For Measuring Individual Finger Forces In Hand Injuries.