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Blood Donation at Fakeeh University Hospital

As per the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Blood Donation is a humanitarian act that helps to save the lives of needy patients. It is rewarding to donate blood, as even a single unit can help 3-4 patients.

Regular blood donation is also helpful to the donor; it decreases the possibility of having heart diseases and strokes, activates the bone marrow to produce new blood cells, and helps the donor’s body get rid of excess iron level.

In case you are still confused about the after-effects of blood donation, be rest assured. Immediately after your every donation, your body will automatically replace the amount of blood you have donated. The usual amount of blood donated at a time is 450ml (1 unit).

To further the cause of saving lives, Fakeeh University Hospital has initiated a Blood Donation Registry.

If you wish to be a part of the global campaign of helping needy patients, read ahead to know more about how you can donate blood with us.

Eligibility criteria for donation

  • Blood donor should be in good general health condition at the time of blood donation.
  • Age: 18 – 65.
  • Body weight: 50 Kg and above (donors who are 21-year-old or less must be 55 kg and above).
  • Should have enough sleep on the previous day of donation.
  • Should have healthy food at least within 4 hours or less before donation. Avoid fatty foods like egg, mutton, butter, cheese etc. at least 12 hrs before donation.
  • It is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women to donate blood for the sake of her and her baby’s health.
  • Donor cannot donate for one month if he/she has travelled to a malaria endemic country.

One cannot donate, if in the last 6 months, he/she has

  • Received blood or blood products.
  • Had a Major surgery.

One cannot donate if he/she

  • Has history of malaria.
  • Has history of Jaundice after the 11th birthday.
  • Has major health problems.
  • Has diseases which can be transmitted through blood transfusion.

One cannot donate blood for 28 days, if he/she

  • Has experienced symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Has had a positive COVID-19 diagnostic test (nasal swab test).
  • Is currently on self-quarantine restrictions.

People who have taken their Covid 19 vaccination, can donate after 7 days from the date of vaccination (either 1st or 2nd dose).

It is mandatory that all donors, visitors, and staff are required to wear a facemask or face covering.

Before donating blood

Download the DHA app (DHA APP → Dammi- Blood donation → make a blood donation) for more instructions.


  • The camp will be organized in association with DHA.
  • No appointments needed. Simply, walk-in and one of our staff will guide and take care of you through the entire process.
  • Upcoming Blood Donation dates will be published on FUH Website & Social Media.

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