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Fakeeh University Hospital and Nabta Health Sign a Partnership Agreement

Fakeeh University Hospital and Nabta Health work together to offer more convenient testing options for women

Fakeeh University Hospital, part of Fakeeh Care and Nabta Health has entered a partnership to offer women the flexibility to complete a comprehensive range of diagnostic tests at home. These at-home tests, which are specifically designed to support and empower women, are the first of their kind to be introduced in the healthcare market in the UAE and across the GCC.

The Nabta Health partnership with Fakeeh University Hospital will give patients access to suitable specialists and give them the proper diagnostic advice in case of any abnormal test results.

The Women’s Health Department at Fakeeh University Hospital is dedicated to treating the patients with the best medical advancements and ensure their comfort and ease throughout their visit. The department includes a wide range of services such as General Gynaecology, subspecialty care, a center dedicated for Endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain and maternity care. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and smart systems, Fakeeh University Hospital uses innovative diagnostic technology and advanced data-assisted systems to efficiently provide a fast and precise diagnosis to its patients.

From Obstetrics and Gynaecology to a center focused on menstrual disorders, Fibroids, and Hysteroscopic services, Fakeeh University Hospital aims to enhance women’s health with their partnership with Nabta.

Today’s partnership announcement marks the first day of a new era for women’s health in the Middle East. With commitments from Nabta Health and Fakeeh University Hospital this collaboration will establish the GCC as a global hub for innovation in women’s health.

Dr. Fatih Mehmet Gul, MD, CEO, Fakeeh University Hospital, added: “At Fakeeh University Hospital, we are committed to putting women first. As Fakeeh University Hospital we are honored to be supporting Nabta Health in providing the most efficient testing. We always aim to be looking at new and innovative ways to strive in putting our patients' needs first. Fakeeh University Hospital is equipped with the latest technology and smart systems to introduce these range of tests, the first of their kind in the UAE.”

Nabta Health is a destination for women’s health that combines the best of digital and traditional healthcare to empower women to identify and manage chronic diseases. Other products in Nabta Health’s marketplace include diagnostic devices, prenatal and postpartum packages, and a wide range of self-care and curated health and wellness options.

Sophie Smith, Founder and CEO, Nabta Health, said: “We are hugely excited to announce our partnership with Fakeeh University Hospital to support our at-home testing and clinical pathway delivery. Familiarising women with the benefits and freedom of at-home testing is a critical part of our ambition to bring more patient-centric, value-based care to the Middle East. The ability to make informed decisions about our bodies is a basic human right. Providing women with the tools to better understand their symptoms, and to triage, monitor and test the underlying causes of those symptoms from home, will improve the health outcomes of women across the region, and so contribute to better population health overall.”

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