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Fakeeh University Hospital’s Heart Care

The right fusion of care, experience & technology

Fakeeh University Hospital’s Heart Care (cardiology) department is reaching new horizons by delivering accurate care & diagnosis, with the perfect fusion of technology.

Some have rightly said, the heart wants what it wants. At times, the heart wants the delicate care of a skillful doctor and the pillar of the most advanced technology.

It is exactly the amalgamation provided by Fakeeh University Hospital’s Heart Care department. We were the first hospital that did a heart-transplant in the Western Region of the Kingdom in 1990.

Holistic care with a multidisciplinary approach, best describes the care model of this department. It is led by some of the most experienced doctors, having enormous regional and global understanding of cardiology. The department applies smart technology for accurate diagnosis and provides care based on the vast collective experience of the entire team.

“We provide safe, high quality, cost effective standard of care, by utilizing evidence-based practice mechanisms. This care approach helps us in meeting and even exceeding our patients’ expectations. While also fulfilling the mission and vision of the hospital and the department,” says Dr. Khaldoun Taha, Consultant Cardiologist, Heart Care Department, Fakeeh University Hospital.

A multidisciplinary approach for holistic care

Fakeeh University Hospital’s care delivery pathway is built on a multidisciplinary approach for you, covering a range of medical conditions. The hospital department provides specialized and holistic care to you, with a broad spectrum of heart diseases. Be it an emergency or a long-standing chronic condition, the department is fully equipped to handle each case.

The team includes a consultant and specialist interventional cardiologists, who have extensive experience in management of heart related disorders. To provide support for the doctors and the team, the hospital has ensured to install the most advanced diagnostic and treatment tools.

Such medical advancements provide comfort and confidence in care management, to both you and the doctors. The department diligently practices evidence-based medicine, which is proven to aid faster recovery and furnish improved outcomes. Ultimately helping you to recuperate and heal at a desired speed and quality.

“Every case is unique and so are the treatment modalities. By the combination of a multi-disciplinary approach and the collective global experience of experts here, we are able to deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients,” says Dr. Syed Sakib Nazir, Specialist Interventionalist Cardiologist Heart Care Department, at Fakeeh University Hospital.

Let us have a look at the gamut of services provided by the Heart Care department at the hospital.

Non-invasive procedures include

ECG, treadmill test, transthoracic echocardiogram, bubble contrast ECHO, transesophageal ECHO, stress ECHO, 24-hour Holter recording, 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, 7-day event recorder, cardiac CT scan with collaboration with the radiology department, and more.

Invasive procedures offered are

Coronary angiography, coronary angioplasty and stenting, intravascular imaging and physiology, peripheral angiogram and angioplasty, permanent pacemaker implantation, implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) implantation, cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT), and more.

Smart technology

Technology goes hand in hand with clinical acumen at any hospital. Here is a quick glance at the latest advancements installed at Fakeeh University Hospital:

3Tesla MRI

MAGNETOM Vida, is the first 3T MRI scanner with BioMatrix technology. It embraces human nature and the unique challenges that each of you may present. By adapting to these challenges, the MRI is able to overcome the patient variability, which marks the beginning of a paradigm shift in MRI results.

Advantages include:

  • Free breathing exams with Compressed Sensing Cardiac Cine
  • Consistent results, fast with BioMatrix Sensors and Cardiac Dot Engine


has advantages over other technologies. Like:

  • Fewer re-scans, scheduling, and consistent, high-quality examinations, customized for high-end clinical routine as well as clinical research
  • Fast, easy and reproducible patient positioning with Select & GO

Dual Source Acquisition CT scanner

By the assistance of this technology, the cardiac team at Fakeeh University Hospital, is able to reduce radiation dose and overcome challenges such as motion artifacts from a high heart rate.

Further benefits of this progressive technology are:

  • The technology is a fast, non-invasive alternative providing complete visualization of left atrium, left atrial appendage and pulmonary veins
  • Provides benefit from outstanding visualization of coronaries, leading to a unique acceptance rate of up to 99%

The Bi Plane Cath Lab

The Smart Siemens ARTIS Q Bi Plane Cath Lab, is one of the latest technologies available today in healthcare and in UAE.

Some of the benefits of the Bi Plane Cath Lab are:

  • It can take highly detailed photos of the brain and its maze of blood vessels simultaneously from two distinct angles, recording 30 frames per second.

“The technological advancements at Fakeeh University Hospital, adds value to the clinical expertise of the department. We are glad to serve our patients with this beautiful synthesis of the best clinical talent and latest medical technologies. Our patients, even the little ones, go back home treated in the best possible way,” says Dr. Mohamed Sulaim, Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist, Heart Care Department.

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