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FUH enters multiple technology based partnerships at Arab Health 2023

Healthcare technology transformation and innovation take center stage for Fakeeh University Hospital at Arab Health 2023

With the potential to improve clinical outcomes, Fakeeh University Hospital embraced various innovative technology partnerships at Arab Health 2023

Fakeeh University Hospital, an academic smart healthcare facility in the UAE has entered numerous strategic healthcare technology partnerships to aid clinical decision-making and enhance patient outcomes.

Fakeeh University Hospital has signed partnering agreements with Symed, GE Healthcare, Abdul Lateef Jameel Health, Baxter, Philips, and Emitac Healthcare Solutions at Arab Health 2023. These prominent & international technology-based partnerships enhance Fakeeh University Hospital’s commitment to benchmarking smart healthcare in the region.

The technology-based partnerships aim to transform medical imaging and expand the capabilities of healthcare practitioners. This technology empowers healthcare practitioners to informed clinical decision-making, diagnosis, and treatment.

Transforming care delivery models to further enhance and improve patient experience is an integral aspect of healthcare. With emerging technologies bringing a paradigm shift in healthcare, advanced technologies have paved the way for a breakthrough. Fakeeh University Hospital has been at the forefront of adopting new technology, that aids in breaking ground in innovations for better health outcomes.

Aimed to create a futuristic smart hospital that embodies the synergy of human-enabled technology to advance healthcare, improve patient care and increase operational efficiency, Fakeeh University Hospital announces strategic alliances with three renowned leaders of healthcare innovation.

These strategic partnerships provide the hospital with a competitive edge in the region alongside helping create a unique, innovative, and efficient healthcare environment. Healthcare technology is leveraged by all medical professionals alike and helps reduce manual error, enhance patient safety, and accessibility to virtual care, and improve lines of communication.

“We are honored to announce our ambitious association with healthcare technology & equipment leaders namely, Symed, GE Healthcare, Abdul Lateef Jameel Health, Baxter, Philips, and Emitac Healthcare Solutions. At Fakeeh University Hospital, we understand the importance of enriching our clinical expertise and care environment through innovative technology. With each partnership we bring in some of the most advanced technologies like GE’s latest Ultrasound technology, ALJ’s Butterfly single probe whole body Ultrasound scanning, iSono 3D Ultrasound wearable Breast scanning with AI, Melody Japan – Wireless Fetal Monitoring System. We are confident that Fakeeh University Hospital, through expertise and innovation can revolutionize healthcare delivery in the UAE,” said Dr. Fatih Mehmet GUL, CEO, of Fakeeh University Hospital, Dubai Silicon Oasis.

The agreement between Fakeeh University Hospital, Symed, and GE Healthcare aims to further enhance precise and effective diagnosis, treatment, and management. Having served the medical community for over 2 decades, Symed & GE Healthcare are further supporting Fakeeh University Hospital with the latest diagnostic technologies in Ultrasound. These include dedicated ultrasonography solutions for urology, gynecology & oncology.

Fakeeh University Hospital’s partnership with ALJ Healthcare is aimed to completely revolutionize diagnostic technology and broaden the availability of the world's only single probe full body handheld ultrasound solution – Butterfly, Wireless fetal monitoring system, and iSono 3D ultrasound wearable breast scanning with AI.  These are innovative first of their kind diagnostic and portable technologies designed to offer enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and efficacy.

Healthcare providers are continually seeking ways to transform medical imaging and expand their capabilities to keep up with modern medical care. Fakeeh University Hospital has taken another crucial step in this direction through these strategic partnerships. These alliances are promising for healthcare providers and practitioners, and for their end users i.e., patients. Further, precise diagnosis & faster recoveries are made possible with the help of these technologies.

Fakeeh University Hospital’s long-standing partnership agreement, with Emitac Healthcare Solutions (EHS), Philips & Baxter (formerly Hillrom), is part of the hospital’s expansion and infrastructure update. The partnership will see the adoption of cutting-edge medical and healthcare solutions through advanced services. EHS will continue to provide hospital beds, ICU beds, associated accessories, and surgical solutions that confirm international standards.

“We have always believed in great clinical partnerships with some of the most innovative and pioneering healthcare institutions in the Middle East.  An excellent example of this is our ongoing collaboration with Fakeeh University Hospital, one of the best in healthcare delivery in this region.  By bringing in the most revolutionary technology in the field of healthcare from PHILIPS & Baxter formerly Hillrom, among others, we aim for nothing less than to elevate the quality of life for the people in this region. We continuously strive to look at new and innovative ways in putting the patient's needs first before anything else.”   - Mohd Kenanah, Chief Executive Officer of Emitac Healthcare Solutions.

Focused on revolutionizing healthcare in the UAE & beyond, Fakeeh University Hospital looks forward to enabling enhanced patient care and healthcare experience through various investments in advanced technology.

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