Hospital Visit

Fakeeh University Hospital provides state-of-the -art world class experience to all its patients. We are committed to deliver patient care that ensures the highest quality of healthcare delivery.

We bring a legacy of over four decades of compassionate care drawn from the renowned Fakeeh Care Group, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The academically driven smart hospital uses latest technologies and healing environment for faster recovery.

Fakeeh University Hospital caters to the needs of family and the community it serves. We have dedicated outpatient services for people with acute and chronic conditions and inpatient services for those who need prolonged care, and medication requirements.

A range of facilities is in place to meet the needs and expectations of medical excellence within the UAE, like:

  • 24* 7 Emergency unit
  • 350 inpatient beds in total capacity
  • 3 Intensive care units: ICU, PICU, and NICU
  • 55 outpatient clinics in total capacity
  • Various operating theaters
  • Cathlab
  • Robotic Pharmacy

When seeking quality medical care for yourself or your loved ones, you need to understand the types of services and facilities available. Your decision on the right hospital depends on your health condition, the insurance coverage, and the kind of care you need. You can find all that and more, here at Fakeeh University Hospital.

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