Know Your Hospital

Fakeeh University Hospital delivers the best possible outcomes for patients through smart technology and academic strengths. Built on an integrated healthcare model, the hospital brings you the legacy of over four decades of compassionate care–drawn from the renowned Fakeeh Care group based in Saudi Arabia.

The hospital is made up of like-minded healthcare providers, working towards a common goal,which is delivering quality healthcare to people. Our passionate fraternity have years and decades of experience within and outside the country. They are skillful, empathetic, and care about your health needs.

Fakeeh University Hospital pioneers excellence by being patient-centric and technology-driven.The hospital places the patients at the center of everything by using disruptive technology. Through precise diagnosis, data-assisted decisions and automated medication,the hospital strives to deliver better outcomes and faster recoveries.

The Building and Access

The hospital building is made up of basements, a ground floor, and four levels. It is easy to access the hospital from both Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road and Al Ain Road.

Disruptive Technology

  • Data integration:Brings together data received from various systems and makes it valuable for the hospital. It helps medical professionals work better and do more for patients. With data integration, information is seamlessly shared between different departments
  • Automated medication management:The hospital uses technology in the form of automated medication management and paperless operations.
  • Patient infotainment : Bedside infotainment terminals can make it possible for patients to watch TV, listen to music, go through their social media networks, speak to friends and family, order food, and read up on the specifics of the treatment he or she is receiving.
  • Next-generation mobile app : To access all information regarding the hospital.
    User-friendly design : To facilitate easy navigation around the hospital.

Designed for Faster Recovery

The natural setting makes it conducive for patients to receive the best care possible. The environmentally friendly nature and an energy-saving LEED – certified building further contributes to creating a healing environment.

Academically Driven

It is important to remain up to date with the latest advancements in research and technology to deliver top quality healthcare to patients. Fakeeh University Hospital’s medical practitioners are regularly updating their knowledge through the seamless integration of medical care and research, evidence-based medicine, and international affiliations and collaborations.

Conventional Location

The hospital is located close to major airports and new communities – easier to locate and access

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