Middle East Healthcare 4.0

The Middle East, particularly the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has always amazed the world with its ambition, innovation and achievements. The healthcare sector is no different. Providers are leveraging latest technologies that until recently were only seen in fiction.

The Middle East Healthcare 4.0 Forum is themed “Delivering value-based care and optimizing operational efficiency” and aims to introduce healthcare providers to new technologies and concepts for healthcare delivery. Digital disruption is becoming the order of the day, and healthcare leaders are trying to focus on measurable outcomes. With the rise of digitalization, there is amplified pressure for healthcare leaders and hospital administrators to prioritize and highlight the potentially disruptive trends with a focus on patient-centric models of care. In this program, the latest developments in healthcare will be discussed by leading industry experts.

This one-day conference, powered by Fakeeh University Hospital (FUH), is dedicated to smart tech trends in healthcare and smart hospital technologies, with a focus on advancing patient centered care, through adept leadership.

The conference aims to foster B2B collaboration between hospitals and the other stakeholders in the region and improve cross-border relationships between doctors & physicians to achieve better patient outcomes. It also focuses on upgrading traditional technologies and processes with futuristic solutions for better preventive care and empowering patients in the connected world.

Fakeeh University Hospital (FUH) invites you to attend this one-day program combined with a business luncheon, to hear quality content, engage in in-depth discussions, and take advantage of the opportunity to network with a group of peers and the medical society.

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