Nursing Care at Home

Having a family member in the hospital can be a stressful experience; this is why we provide in – home nursing services. Most patients heal and recover better in the comfort of their hom es. Whether a patient is recovering from an extended illness, a surgery, or a fall, we provide a full range of home services.

Nursing care at home also provides an affordable solution, saving money and time because you’ll cut on hospital visits. It is professional care that’s provided to all patients who prefer staying at home.

A home care provider’s choice can be difficult.But with us you are on the right path to receive the best and highest quality of home care services. Our dedicated professionals will work one – on – one with you to ensure you do your daily activities and meet your health care needs. This was established to provide our valued patients the highest quality service in home health care.

We believe that the success of home care mostly depends on educating the patient and caregiver to facilitate independent care. We therefore encourage the patient and/or family members to be fully involved in the process.

We are committed to providing our patients with the best experience possible, from the first interaction with our customer service department to the doctor who oversees thes medical care to the pharmacist who provides supplies and medication, to the nurse, physiotherapist, and caregiver who administers the care.

We offer a fully managed nurse – supp orted care, making it possible for people with complex conditions to stay independently at home. Working with experienced clinical commissioning groups and a network of case managers and solicitors, we provide flexible solutions across ailments.

Our nurses are registered and they manage care packages supporting various clinical conditions. They give complete face – to – face assessments, select professionally trained care givers, and ensure co – ordination and continuity of care.

From supporting patients having p rogressive neurological illnesses such as dementia, our registered nurses are specialists in various conditions. They focus on the individual patient, developing safe care packages that enable independent living.

Our nurses will work with a patient, their doctor, social services, and occupational therapists to provide the best clinical support. We can either provide a 24 – hour care giver who lives at home with a patient, or a drop – in service of tailored support.

Our nurses fulfill many roles, including:

  • Care giver: The compassionate care offered by our nurses incorporates evidence – based best practices, research and feedback from patients. Your nurses assess, evaluate, and monitor you, and they carry out many other responsibilities. They listen to your concerns so that they can provide individualized care.
  • Teacher: Our nurses are health educators for patients, families and communities.
  • Navigator: Your nurse advocates for you and guides you and your family on your health care journey. Your nurse also coordinates with other members of the care team. Clinical nurses help prepare you for discharge from the hospital and transition to the next level of care.
  • Problem – solver: Professional nurses are trained to be proactive problem – solvers in every care setting. That ma y involve coordinating the care of people with complex medical needs, assessing processes to enhance value and efficiency, anticipating a complication in a patient’s condition, and responding to unexpected challenges.

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