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Oncology Care at FUH

Oncology is a medical specialty that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, early detection and treatment of cancer. Depending on the type, stage, and location of cancer, oncologists provide specialized cancer treatment services. Fakeeh University Hospital specializes in Precision medicine, which is the core of our Medical Oncology services, in addition to surgical services.

Treatments in Medical Oncology

Chemotherapy – A systematic method of treating cancer with one or more cytotoxic anti-neoplastic medicines (chemotherapeutic agents). Chemotherapy may be administered with a curative goal, or it may be used to prolong life or relieve symptoms.

Immunotherapy – Cancer immunotherapy, also known as immuno-oncology, utilizes the body’s immune system to prevent, control, and eliminate cancer. Immunotherapy can help with educating the immune system so that it can detect and target specific cancer cells.

Targeted therapies – Targeted therapy is a type of cancer treatment in which drugs are used to target specific genes and proteins essential in cancer cell growth and survival. Targeted therapy can influence the tissue environment that supports cancer development and survival, or it can target cancer-related cells, such as blood vessel cells.

Hormone therapies – Hormone therapy is a cancer treatment that slows, prevents, and stops the growth of cancer cells, which utilize hormones to grow. It is also known as hormonal treatment or endocrine therapy. It can reduce the likelihood of cancer recurring, as well as stop or delay its growth. The treatment may also be used to alleviate or prevent symptoms in men with prostate cancer who cannot undergo surgery or radiation therapy.

Monoclonal Antibody (Biologic) Therapy – Cancer therapies that use the body’s germ-fighting immune system to combat cancer. Monoclonal antibodies are intended to work in a variety of ways.



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