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The Engagers

Great organizations are built by the people who work in them.

At FUH, we experience on a day-to-day basis what a powerful and enthusiastic team of individuals can do for a hospital.

Fakeeh University Hospital has a unique & dedicated team of individuals who work towards making work more engaging, healthier & fun.

We call this set of individuals as “The Engagers”

The Engagers are a hand-picked team of individuals from different departments that work selflessly towards the engagement activities for the entire Fakeeh University Hospital.

It is a larger team that conceptualizes, creates, and conducts various employee engagement initiatives that make FUH even more fun, fulfilling & a great place to work.


51st UAE National Day Celebrations

With the young and talented kids from the Gems International School. As a hospital that is Made for Dubai, we enthusiastically participated in the National Day celebrations with the cheerful choir that sang us the songs of the country & songs of love and unity!

1st year anniversary celebrations

Great Place To Work Celebrations 2021

Spirit of the Union : UAE National Day 2020

Eid Greetings from FUH


Great Place to Work Certified

A journey of productivity and a culture of commitment. Medical Excellence combined with advanced care, technology & best talent from the region and beyond. Fakeeh University Hospital is certified as a Great Place to Work.

Watch the video to know more…

Daisy Award Co-Founders Visit

Bonnie and Mark Barnes, co-founders of The DAISY Foundation, along with Melissa Barnes, VP Operations, visited Fakeeh University Hospital on March 7, 2022, as a part of their tour to the United Arab Emirates.

We were thrilled to welcome them to our premises & take this as an opportunity to express our gratitude to all those who nominated our nurses for their exemplary care provision in the past year.

1 Year of FUH

This last year has been a momentous year for all of us at Fakeeh University Hospital.

One year of raising the bar, One year of realizing our vision.

With our great teams together, we’ve achieved new benchmarks in healthcare and will continue to do so.

It's been a year of working hard and smart, to establish & grow.

We head towards a new year, filled with excitement and opportunities.

The highlights of our exciting journey are captured in this short video. Do watch.


BSmart Hub - is a weekly learning experience for all the employees of Fakeeh University Hospital. Every Thursday morning we have virtual sessions open to all our employees. The session starts with a weekly update from our CEO, followed by educational, health & wellness sessions from inhouse & external experts.


Various health awareness sessions & screenings are organized for our employees every month. This helps in ensuring our employee's health & well-being.

Some of the most attended & sought sessions include wellness sessions like Desk Yoga, Sound Healing, Life force Energy, Music therapy, and more. Regular health screenings range from cancer checks and Vitamin D levels to Heart health checks. Regular vaccinations are conducted to enhance the health & immunity levels of all staff.


Celebratory Leaves at FUH allow employees to be with their families & friends on their special days like birthdays & marriage.

Diving into the highlights of our latest team adventure. We had a blast building bridges, and experiencing amazing team moments!

That's how we roll when it comes to team building unforgettable and downright awesomeness.


We have established a Staff Support Team with the aim to provide emotional support to our employees and promote mental wellness and security. The team advocates topics such as anti-bullying, second-victim syndrome, and mental health.


All our new joiners go through a thorough full-day hospital orientation. This covers the welcome & introduction by & of our Leadership team, the history of the organization, our vision, mission, values, HR policies, Infection Control, Fire Safety Training, People-Centered Care, Anti-bullying, Staff Support Team, Body Mechanics, and Departmental orientations covering – Quality & Risk, Pharmacy, Building Management, Marketing & Business Development, Nursing, IT and Supply chain.


Based on the needs of employees and departments we hold human skills development training courses. Some of the training conducted on an ongoing basis include:

  • First Impression Training for our security team
  • Language of Care for our nursing team
  • Time Management training


Fakeeh University Hospital is indeed a Great Place to Work. It has been an absolute pleasure being a part of its journey of growth. I have made great friends here, my family loves to be a part of all the celebrations we have together. More importantly, FUH has elevated my professional career & growth to the next level.

Bhawana Sahu
Bhawana Sahu

The Cultural diversity is exceptional and the extra mile that the organization does to ensure it is celebrated.

Dr.Sony Abraham
Dr.Sony Abraham

Fakeeh University Hospital is the best place to work where all the employees are able to showcase their skills and knowledge and we can excel in our patient care experience. Happy to be a part of this great organization.

Sherma Bolina
Sherma Bolina

FUH is definitely Great place to Work. The Organization takes care of the employees like a family. It is a good environment to thrive.

Nourhane Atef Abdelmonem
Nourhane Atef Abdelmonem