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Dr. Nadire Erdogan DIB

Dr. Nadire Erdogan DIB

Consultant Ophthalmologist
English, Turkish
20 years

Core Competencies

  • Comprehensive eye examination in Pediatric and Adult patients
  • Comprehensive diagnosis and management of Ocular Surface Diseases; Corneal and Ocular adnexal Disorders; such as corneal infections and ulcers, punctal stenosis, pterygium surgery with stem cell transplantation (autograft), Dry eye syndrome, Tear film and Meibomian gland dysfunction (IPL treatment)
  • Oculoplastic surgeries: Eyelid surgeries; such as excision of Xanthelasma, Chalazion, lid lesions/tumors. Lacrimal system; epiphora evaluation and management such as punctoplasty, punctal plugs/ stents
  • In Pediatric Ophthalmology addressing most current available management of myopia, prevention and control of progression in children amblyopia (lazy eye) evaluation, prevention and management
  • Diagnosis and management of Glaucoma and Cataract
  • Diagnosis and management of Uveitis
  • Diagnosis and medical management of Vitreo-Retinal Diseases
  • Neuro-ophthalmology

Brief Profile

Dr. Nadire Erdogan Dib is an EuropeanBoard-Certified Consultant Ophthalmologist and Ophthalmic surgeon with 20 plus years of experience, having worked across reputed hospitals in Turkiye, Europe And UAE. 

Dr. Erdogan Dib, as a General Ophthalmologist, has extensive experience in all field of ophthalmology including anterior and posterior segment pathologies, implementing latest prevention, diagnosis and treatment techniques. She has a special interest in cornea and ocular surface diseases, minimally invasive oculoplastic surgeries,pediatric ophthalmology and neuro-ophthalmology.

She has excellent outcomes in herwork, providing patient centered care and ensuring evidence-based practices, upto date and most current treatments. 

Dr. Erdogan Dib has published numerous articles, book chapters and abstracts in various national and international peer reviewed medical journals and has been a member of various Ophthalmology Associations worldwide. She has been practicing in Dubai since 2016.


  • Medical Doctor Degree,Marmara University School of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkiye, 2003
  • Residency in Ophthalmology, Kartal Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkiye, 2009
  • Fellowship, Basel University Hospital, Switzerland, 2014
  • Fellow of European Board Of Ophthalmology diploma, Paris, France, 2016
  • Medical Retina , European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology, Università della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano, Switzerland, 2015
  • Orbital, Lacrimal,Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery, European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology, University of Malta, Malta, 2016

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