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To become an institute widely known and commended for continuous and exceptional education and development of clinical and non-clinical staff, visitors of the hospital and the community of the UAE.

The Academic Training Affairs will

  • Identify educational needs of healthcare professionals and non-clinical staff
  • Act as a source of continuous knowledge development and learning
  • oversees clinical exposure for students and trainees
  • Coordinates education for patients, family and the community


To provide a platform for quality, evidence based, and affordable education to FUH staff as well as external candidates in order to:

  • Raise the quality standards of clinical practices and promote excellence in the delivery of healthcare services.
  • Achieve continuous professional growth.
  • Encourage curiosity and scientific research.
  • Improve patient satisfaction and safety
  • Expand organizational capabilities.


  • Raising the bar! Without continuous development and education of FUH staff we cannot optimizing healthcare services, practices, and outcomes.
  • Raising the bar, by not only educate healthcare professionals and with a focus of raising awareness in the community.