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Made for Excellence. Made for Future. Made for Dubai

Made for Excellence. Made for Future. Made for Dubai.

Fakeeh University Hospital, Dubai Silicon Oasis

With its care provision focused on three strong pillars - Technology based care, Healing Environment, and Academic Driven Approach - Fakeeh University Hospital is setting new benchmarks for Dubai’s healthcare landscape.

September 19, 2022, Dubai UAE: Dubai, a landmark city which makes the unthinkable possible. Through innovation driven solutions, world’s greatest infrastructures, technology, exceptional experiences, and being a home to diverse cultures, Dubai truly is one of the world’s most distinctive destinations.

Like Dubai, within 1.5 years of operations, Fakeeh University Hospital, a world-class healthcare and academic facility located in Dubai Silicon Oasis has showcased itself as being exclusively Made for Dubai. With the care provision being focused on three strong pillars - Technology based care, Healing Environment, and an Academic Driven Approach, Fakeeh University Hospital is setting new benchmarks in healthcare for Dubai and the UAE.

Made for Excellence : Made for Dubai

Drawn by the futuristic city that is Dubai, Fakeeh University Hospital is inspired by the visionary leaders of Dubai. In a short span of time, inspired by Dubai’s many global firsts, Fakeeh University Hospital has also established milestones that speak volumes on its similarity with Dubai.

The hospital’s new brand campaign - Made for Dubai emphasizes on the organization's focus on continuously enriching the healthcare journey of its visitors.

“In today’s era of innovation, especially in a city like Dubai, Fakeeh university Hospital stands out not only because of the 4 decades of clinical excellence that it brings from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but also as a result of our impressive strides in improving the standard of care. Dubai’s healthcare scene resonates with care that compliments a sense of warmth and excellence. Combining technology, innovative approaches and exceptional customer care, we have established Fakeeh University Hospital as a hospital made just for Dubai” said Dr. Fatih Mehmet Gul, CEO Fakeeh University Hospital.

With its academic based care approach the hospital not only provides its customers with latest solutions, but also paves the way for the youth of Dubai who are aspiring healthcare professionals of Dubai.

Quality of services being one of the top priorities for Dubai leadership, Fakeeh University Hospital obliges this vision by its quality accreditations of JCI, ISO, Planetree, and the upcoming Magnet accreditation.

Made for Healing : Made for Dubai

What makes the emirate of Dubai, world’s most distinctive destinations, is its welcoming nature, diverse mix of cultures, its culinary melting pot, world-class events, and festivities all through the year.

Keeping this is mind, Fakeeh University Hospital was established in Dubai Silicon Oasis, to cater to healthcare consumers from diverse backgrounds, cultures & nationalities. The hospital is a workplace to more than 50+ nationalities and its multi-cultural team provides holistic healing care from a space that expands to a million square feet.

Certified internationally (by Gold LEED & Terra Carta - A Prince Charles Initiative)  for its sustainable & green initiatives, while maintaining a futuristic & luxurious atmosphere, the hospital is designed in such a way that its visitors can feel at ease and at home.

Crafted to enthuse an emitting a sense of calm, every room ensures ample natural light & greenery is around to keep one connected with the nature. All attempts are directed towards the holistic wellbeing and faster recovery of the patients.

Large waiting areas for families, beautiful and calming water bodies are aid to this healing therapeutic & healing ambience.

Like Dubai, where innovations & miracles go hand in hand with strategic partnerships & start-ups; Fakeeh University Hospital helps add to those miracles daily too.

Whether it is by facilitating the miraculous birth of future generations at a normal to complex level, or helping people from all around the world to find the right treatment & cure; Fakeeh University Hospital truly boasts holistic healing in all forms.

Made for Future : Made for Dubai

Personalised high-quality patient care is one of the many things that sets the hospital apart. The hospital has redefined healthcare delivery in a smart and digitized hospital environment. The first-of-its-kind data centers, AI enabled diagnostic systems, Robot assisted surgeries are just some of the features that enable accurate & precise diagnosis. Data-embedded clinical practice further leads to better outcomes and faster recoveries.

A fully automated Robotic Pharmacy which aptly supports Dubai’s futuristic goals of using Drone Technology & aims at error free medications;

the region’s first & only LDR suites (labour, delivery, and recovery rooms), which aims to keep the mother’s comfort at the highest priority, with the entire delivery experience conjoined in the same room;

spread across 35,000 sq. ft., the largest emergency care department in the emirate in the private sector, equipped with all lifesaving facilities next to each other.

This and many more initiatives by the hospital are testament of the dedication Fakeeh Care Group has towards the future of healthcare in Dubai.

Dubai ensures consistent innovation, strategic thinking & improvement to match the global standards, Fakeeh University Hospital twins this ideology and continues to raise the bar in healthcare every single day.

Fakeeh University Hospital is Made for Excellence, Made for Healing, Made for  future – we are Made for Dubai.


About Fakeeh University Hospital

Fakeeh University Hospital is a hospital and medical university brought by the pioneering Saudi healthcare provider group, Fakeeh Care. With a rich legacy of over four decades, Fakeeh Care is committed to delivering medical excellence and championing outstanding research in the UAE. Fakeeh University Hospital is a 350-bed state-of-the-art facility, located in Dubai Silicon Oasis, which has the capacity to provide primary, secondary, and tertiary care. It is equipped with cutting-edge technology and smart systems that are built to meet the unique needs of the hospital and UAE patients. Fakeeh University Hospital uses innovative diagnostic technology, advanced data-assisted, and automated medication dispensing systems, which combined with leading medical experts, make patient diagnoses, and care precise and efficient. Operating as a teaching hospital in Dubai, Fakeeh University Hospital aims to provide world-class medical education to the future generations of doctors in the UAE, expand the medical horizons of practicing healthcare experts, while also bringing the latest research to its patients. The hospital is a benchmark for medical collaboration, international affiliations, and combines medical education with evidence-based medicine in a modern environment. For more information, visit

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