Armand Rostam

Occupational Therapist / Hand Therapist
Occupational Therapist / Hand Therapist
Swedish, English & Kurdish

Core Competencies

  • Post-surgical hand, wrist, and elbow orthopedic cases
  • Individual fabrication of upper limb orthopedic orthosis
  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Manual therapy
  • Scar tissue release (MSTR)
  • Kinesiology tape
  • Sports injuries and rehabilitation
  • Ergonomics education
  • Skin tissue release

Brief Profile

Armand has 4 years of experience as an occupational therapist working in different healthcare environments. Armand's key skill is assessing & evaluating various upper limb cases. He also performs therapeutic procedures for patients suffering from different upper limb diagnoses in orthopedics.

His focus is mainly on restoring the patient's optimal physical function and getting them back to their desired activities of daily living (ADL).

Armand's clinical work involves the use of strength and stretch exercises, functional use of hands, scar tissue release, manual therapy techniques (massage, traction, manipulation), and therapeutic agents (Shockwave, ultrasound, and heat & cold).

Armand believes in working with a detailed treatment plan with a multi-disciplinary approach.


  • Bachelor´s Degree in occupational therapy from The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, 2019
  • Orthosis Fabrication Course, 2022
  • Scar Tissue Release, MSTR, 2023