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How to have a relaxed & comfortable delivery

How to have a relaxed and comfortable delivery

Fakeeh University Hospital’s convertible suite enhances the experience of having a baby

Having a baby should be a soothing and comfortable experience. Ex­pectant mothers require special care and the best support to ensure their birthing experience is memorable and pain-free.

To safeguard this beautiful experience, Fakeeh University Hospital at Dubai Silicon Oasis provides expectant mothers a unique feature that enables them to deliver comfortably in the same room as their admission room. These convertible suites are called birthing centres. Among other benefits, it saves the mother the trauma of having to go back and forth from the operation theatre as and when contractions occur and subside, in addition to having her family, especially her husband, by the side during the entire process.

The labour, delivery, and recovery rooms

Fakeeh University Hospital has a specialised area for birthing with several luxury rooms and a dedicated operation theatre, completely sterilised for Covid-19 protection, in case of birthing emergencies.

At the heart of the birthing experience are the birthing centres or the labour, delivery and recovery (LDR) rooms.

“What makes the birthing centres so unique is that all expecting mothers are provided with the care they need within the confines of one room; this includes labour, delivery and recovery,” says Dr Ghassan Lotfi, HOCD and Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. “The advantage is that the mother does not have to leave the room for her delivery. Once settled in the room, it will be utilised for labour and birth, including recovery.”

Each room has an evidence-based design, fully equipped for all kinds of births, and manage minor medical events and procedures. It is fitted with life-saving resuscitation equipment for newborns in addition to a warmer.

Benefits of LDR rooms

  • Mother does not leave the room for delivery
  • Baby is by the mother’s side from the time it is born
  • Fully equipped for all kinds of births
  • Can manage minor medical events and procedures
  • Is much safer in the pandemic era
  • Has equipment to provide newborn care
  • Creates a more comfortable and soothing environment
  • Has an evidence-based design

“The hospital also has a fully equipped neonatal intensive care unit and a dedicated team of highly qualified women’s health experts that can manage high-risk pregnancies,” says Dr Lotfi

The women’s health department not only manages childbirth and pregnancies but it is also a specialised centre for pelvic health and minimally invasive surgeries that includes hysteroscopy, endometrial ablation for heavy bleeding, hysteroscopic resection of the endometrium for heavy bleeding, hysteroscopic resection of fibroids and polyps, uterine septum, vaginal surgery, and urogynaecology.

Midwife-led normal delivery programme

Fakeeh University Hospital provides the midwife-led programme for mothers who prefer having a natural delivery rather than a medicated delivery. Seasoned midwives provide one-to-one care, while experienced resident doctors and senior doctors are available to deal with any emergency during the second stage of labour.

Water birthing

With the help of eight water birthing pools, Fakeeh University Hospital facilitates normal delivery with non-medicated labour and less pain during the first stage. It may also decrease the need for an epidural or other spinal pain relief and lowers the chances of stress incontinence post-delivery.

Neonatal intensive care unit

For times when the newborn may require special attention, Fakeeh University Hospital has a fully equipped, state-of-the-art high-end Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with 16 bassinets facilities such as Kangaroo Care and Rooming-in with the preemies for enhanced recoveries and stimulating the bond between the parents and the newborn from Day 1 of birth.

The parenthood programme – FUH Life

Under this programme, the hospital ensures that its team gives necessary information and support to every couple.

Even though pregnancy is a happy and exciting time, there can be many questions as a first-time parent. The FUH Life Parenthood Program is designed to partner with pregnant couples in their journey of parenthood – from your first steps into pregnancy to the first steps in your child’s life.

Spread across four weeks, FUH’s antenatal classes help parents-to-be, get ready for labor and birth, breastfeeding, care and safety tips for your baby. These classes also encourage making informed decisions as birth approaches.

FUH wishes to empower pregnant couples during their incredible journey of parenthood. Rooted in a 43-year legacy inpatient care, an individual’s needs are attended to by highly qualified medical, midwifery and nursing staff. So, one can rest assured you will be looked after every step of the way.

Program Features

  • Antenatal Classes
  • Parent Support Group
  • Integrated Healthcare
  • Specialist Consultants
  • Midwife support

“In addition to its own state-of-the-art birthing units, guaranteeing a smooth and safe delivery for all expecting mothers, the hospital offers FUH Life-Parenthood programme, which helps expecting mothers along their journey to parenthood, putting the mother and her child first,” says Dr Alaa Younus Mohammed, Specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. “Through an integrated care approach, the hospital works with a multidisciplinary team to serve both expectant mother and baby. Complimentary classes are conducted every week covering various concerns of new parents right from labour pain management and breastfeeding to baby safety and more.”

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